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Wellness: More Than a Pill

Add an IM (intramuscular) injection to your IV therapy appointment for an extra boost.

Needing more energy? Need help burning fat? Need muscle building? Need to drop in for a B12 injection? At RMD in Knoxville IM Shots are here to help with almost any of your needs.

Be Energized

Vitamin B12 Shot

  • check markIncrease energy
  • check markBalance your mood
  • check markCombat stress

Power Up

An extra dose of B Vitamins

  • check mark Help with energy
  • check markFrequency: as needed

Lipolean Shots

  • check markTo maximize your workouts
  • check markWeekly for 8 weeks

Plateau Buster

  • check markMaximize your workouts and bust through the fat burning plateau
  • check markWeekly for 8 weeks

Liver Shots

  • check markHelp with fatty liver
  • check markWeekly for 8 weeks

Amino Acid or BCAA Shots

  • check markHelp build muscle
  • check markFrequency: as needed

Gluathione IM

  • check markRenew "Beauty" shot
  • check markMaster antioxidant
  • check markWeekly

Vitamin D

  • Low Vitamin D levels are common. Optimization can potentially help with the brain, heart, bones, mood, decrease cancer and so much more! Have your levels checked and let us help optimize your Vitamin D level.

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