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Add Volume Where You Want It

Restore a smooth, curvy backside at RevitalyzeMD with our Non-Surgical BBL in Knoxville. Our clients now have an alternative to a surgical butt lift with the help of Dr. Debra Durst and her expert team.

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What is Non-Surgical BBL?

Natural, Subtle Results

A Non-Surgical BBL is a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift. Our Knoxville Non-Surgical BBL increases your volume, giving you a quick, subtle lift, and lessens hip dips with the help of Radiesse applied as a buttock filler.

Additionally, it can help lessen cellulite and even improve stretch marks. Radiesse provides volume and support beneath the skin in the buttocks area by promoting tissue growth and prompting your body to generate connective tissue beneath the skin, supporting and adding fullness. In essence, you are using your own body to improve and support the tissue beneath the skin to mimic the appearance of muscle and fat.

What are the benefits of Non-Surgical BBL?

Minimally Invasive with No Downtime

After just a few treatments for Non-Surgical BBL Knoxville patients can dramatically alter the appearance of their buttocks! Although individual outcomes may differ, we have seen significant improvements in our patients with our Non-Surgical BBL treatment. Its nonsurgical nature makes it highly appealing for many people — no downtime, expensive surgery, or anesthesia. Along with the lift and volume you want, your skin will become tighter and smoother due to the procedure's stimulation of collagen.

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Am I a good candidate for Non-Surgical BBL?

More Youthful, Feminine Curves

Non-Surgical BBL is ideal for patients who want a modest lift, more volume, and less cellulite. Candidates must be in good health and near or at their goal weight. As with any cosmetic procedure, patients must have realistic expectations based on their initial consultation with our expert team.

Your Non-Surgical BBL Procedure

Decrease Pesky Cellulite

A Non-Surgical BBL is very similar to getting dermal fillers, just not on your face! You will be numbed to ensure you are comfortable throughout the appointment, and then injections will begin. The treatment takes roughly 30 minutes from beginning to end.

Non-Surgical BBL Recovery

A Quick, 30-Minute Procedure

You may experience some soreness or light bruising after your treatment, but there is no real downtime associated with this procedure.

Non-Surgical BBL Results

An Effective Alternative to Surgery

See results fast — most patients notice a difference a few weeks after their first treatment. It is not uncommon for there to be some minor bruising at the injection sites, but this will go away quickly. Additionally, you can have some short-term discomfort or tightness in the areas treated. The Non-Surgical BBL requires a series of treatments every four weeks to be completed. The duration of the treatment's effects can range from two to five years.

Schedule your Knoxville Non-Surgical BBL consultation with RevitalyzeMD today.

Results Lasting Up to Five Years

Get the perky rear end you want without surgery at RevitalyzeMD. Dr. Debra Durst and her team of expert Injectors are here to boost your self-confidence and get you the results that you want.

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Non-Surgical BBL Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a painful procedure; any discomfort is mitigated with topical anesthetic and lidocaine. It feels very similar to getting dermal fillers.

This is a very low-risk procedure when performed by trained medical professionals.

Cost is dependent on your desired result! The number of syringes varies from person to person based on anatomy and treatment goals.

No anesthesia is used during the Non-Surgical BBL, and you can safely and comfortably drive yourself home!

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