End Erectile Dysfunction with GAINSwave

Non-surgical, noninvasive sexual wellness treatment GAINSWave in Knoxville, TN. GAINSWave is a drug-free and surgery-free, non-invasive treatment for ED (erectile dysfunction) that uses pulse waves to improve sexual performance!

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Get Back Your Mojo

What is GAINSWave?

Problems in the bedroom are common as men age and can not only be frustrating but embarrassing. At RMD in Knoxville GAINSWave can provide a breakthrough solution for men seeking better erection quality and optimal sexual performance. GAINSWave is an all-natural, clinically proven, and non-invasive treatment that uses high-frequency acoustic shockwave therapy to enhance sexual performance in men. GAINSWave increases blood flow to the penis, removes micro-plaque, and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels to revolutionize the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Am I a candidate for GAINSWave?

Not all men can take the blue pill or other medications because of contra-indications with the drugs.

In addition, some oral medications have potentially dangerous side effects. GAINSWave is effective for men of all ages and offers a drug-free alternative to oral Erectile Dysfunction medications. However, you do not need to suffer from ED to benefit from the results of GAINSWave. Healthy men who wish to have harder and more sustained erections often see results after one treatment.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Over 30 million men in the United States are affected by erectile dysfunction. It disrupts lives because it is not only you involved; your partner suffers too. The most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Weaker erections
  • A lack of sexual desire
  • Unable to maintain arousal
  • Longer time to get an erection
  • Pain associated with stimulation
  • Difficulty in achieving ejaculation after sufficient arousal and stimulation

GAINSWave is aimed to help with erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow.

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Knoxville GAINSWave Provider Dr. Debra R. Durst

Benefits of GAINSWave

By expanding existing blood vessels and generating new ones, GAINSWave helps to improve blood flow to the penis and offers men these benefits:

  • Improved sensitivity
  • Improved erection quality
  • Decreased Refractory Period
  • Harder and More Full Erections
  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • Relief from the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease

Learn more about GAINSWave for ED and how our providers at RevitalyzeMD can help you. It is possible to experience spontaneous erections. Schedule your consultation today.

A New Wave of Vitality

GAINSWave Procedure

For most men, the primary cause of erectile dysfunction is a lack of proper blood flow. GAINSWave works to improve arterial flow. Because GAINSWave uses low-intensity sound waves and is non-invasive, it is often referred to as Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT).

By breaking up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels in the penis, the treatment increases overall blood flow to the penis. In addition, the GAINSWave procedure activates the development of new nerve tissue in the penis. Treatment sessions last about 20 to 30 minutes. The low-intensity acoustic-wave therapy is applied to your penis during your Gainswave treatment. Many of our Knoxville GAINSWave patients say it feels similar to a light tapping sensation and does not contain any pain. However, if you are concerned about pain, a topical numbing cream can be used to enhance your comfort during your sexual wellness treatment.

GAINSWave Recovery

Results differ from patient to patient from the number of treatments needed to the longevity of overall results. After GAINSWave Knoxville patients normally return to their daily routine, some patients experience arousal after one or two treatments. Typically six to 12 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

GAINSWave Results

The science behind GAINSWave reveals benefits lasting up to two years. However, patients can continue to receive ongoing therapies as part of the GAINSWave maintenance protocol. Compounding benefit not only helps maintain the results, but clients have also reported continued improvement and enhanced sexual performance.

Procedure Highlights

  • No downtime
  • Safe and effective
  • Performed in-office
  • Long lasting results
  • Drug-free and surgery free
  • Noninvasive and generally comfortable
  • 75% of men experienced positive results post-treatment

GAINSWave is currently the only ED treatment that offers corrective therapy with long-lasting results. Experience optimal results without the possibility of dangerous side effects from oral medications.

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REV Up Your Performance

Have you heard about our RevMD™ Package for men? It includes GAINSWave and the P-Shot, a procedure designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men to help them enjoy their sex life to the fullest. The P-Shot is ideal for men with ED who have lost erectile function because of an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, diabetes, or other medical conditions. When GAINSWave and the P-shot are combined, this powerhouse of non-invasive sexual wellness therapies helps to skyrocket your sexual performance. Learn more about our RevMD™ package for men in Knoxville. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more!

Schedule your GAINSWave consultation at RevitalyzeMD today.

Knoxville Erectile Dysfunction treatments

Dr. Debra Durst is a double board-certified physician in Knoxville, TN, specializing in sexual wellness for men and women. RevitalyzeMD was founded to help people be their best selves by offering innovative sexual wellness treatments and regenerative medicine. RevitalyzeMD is a one-of-a-kind medical practice assisting patients of all ages in regaining their confidence and enjoying life to the fullest. Learn more about our cutting-edge GAINSwave procedures by scheduling your consultation today.

GAINSWave Frequently Asked Questions

How does GAINSWave® work?

GAINSWave protocols utilize a technology known as shockwave therapy that helps promote healing and growth. This treatment sends acoustic waves into the genitals, and through mild shear stress, trigger a series of biological reactions that result in the release of angiogenic factors. In other words, it promotes the repair of existing blood vessels and the creation of new blood vessels, resulting in improved blood flow. Better blood flow translates to better erection quality and sexual performance.

Is it safe?

GAINSWave is the safest ED treatment available to men. Throughout the literature on shockwave therapy for ED and Peyronie’s, no significant adverse events have been reported. GAINSWave® is noninvasive and drug-free.

How much does it cost?

At RevitalyzeMD, treatments are customized based on each patient’s medical history and needs. During your consultation, the doctor will recommend the appropriate number of GAINSWave therapies that are needed to achieve optimal results.

How many treatments will I need to improve my sex life?

The number of treatments is dependent on your level of functional decline. You may notice some benefits after one to two treatments. But there are GAINSWave protocols range between six and 12 treatments. Depending on age, medical problems & level of ED when starting, more than 12 treatments may be needed.

Is this a new treatment?

This therapy has been used in Europe for over 15 years with great success. There is great success now with the GAINSWave protocols in the US and many reviews of these amazing treatments.

Is there clinical research?

Numerous studies show this is the most effective ED treatment available. Visit to see all of the clinical data.

Is GAINSWave covered by insurance?

No – GAINSWave is not covered by insurance. Please check with your certified GAINSWave provider on treatment packages and pricing.

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