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More than 4 billion pounds of chemical compounds are released into the environment every year. As a result, every day, our bodies can come into contact with an unhealthy amount of chemicals. Although our bodies excrete some of these elements naturally, an abundance of harmful chemicals combined with a less-than-ideal diet can lead to an overburdened system. A detox can help eliminate unwanted chemicals and reset your body.

Dr. Debra Durst is a double board-certified physician who tailors comprehensive treatments and programs for Knoxville Detox patients. At RevitalyzeMD, we offer numerous health and wellness benefits including, detoxing, rehydrating, and replenishing your body with nutrients you need to maintain optimal health. Learn more today by scheduling your consultation.

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What is Detoxification?

Reset your metabolism and reduce the toxins in your body with a metabolic detox in Knoxville, TN.

Detoxification is the process of lowering toxins found in the body by reducing your body’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Toxins such as plastics, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals can cause inflammation, resulting in heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. In addition, accumulations of environmental and food-related toxins are rapidly being recognized as a cause of poor organ function and a likely contributor to a number of conditions.

What Is Metabolic Detoxification?

Although the body is designed to naturally process and excrete these elements, an abundance of environmental agents combined with poor diet and nutrition can lead to an overburdened system. Metabolic detoxification helps by providing advanced, targeted nutrition to support the elimination of unwanted chemicals from your system.*

Procedure Highlights

We look for pattern recognition, undernourishment, and toxin levels in the body to ensure a safe and effective detox.

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This Procedure Can Treat

  • Bloating
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of energy
  • Digestive issues
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating

We take patient history and advanced laboratory diagnostic testing, and unique live blood observation into consideration to create a gentle yet powerful personalized detoxification program.

Toxic chemical exposure impacts you on a daily level in the following forms:


Inhalation | Skin Contact

Where you work and live can impact your health from the air you are inhaling to skin contact from the various air pollutants.


Ingestion | Skin Contact

Toxic levels of contaminants in your daily drinking and showering water can increase your toxin level through ingestion and skin contact.



”You are what you eat” isn’t just sage advice from long ago—constant ingestion of over-processed foods can make you sick.


Ingestion | Inhalation | Skin Contact

Where your food is grown and processed can impact your exposure to toxic chemicals.


Ingestion | Inhalation | Skin Contact

Everyday products from shampoo, deodorant, makeup, and household cleaners put you at risk of increasing toxins in your body. Detox programs at RMD

Detox programsat RMD

A Deep Cleanse From Within

At RMD, We are approaching Detoxification in the following ways:

IV Therapy. By infusing Vitamins and minerals to help support both phases of liver detox. Our Recharge IV provides ultimate Detox support. It has more concentrated vitamins and minerals, as well as a high dose of vitamin C. In addition, it includes two significant antioxidants—Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid—which scavenges all the free toxic radicals absorbed by our body daily.

Detox Programs. These detoxification programs guide nutrition during the detox program while also providing the body with supplements that support the body’s liver detoxification systems.

Professional line of supplements. At RMD, we carry Designs for Health (DFH) and Metagenics professional line of supplements. Professional lines of supplements. Our professional lines of supplements and skin care are sold only by physicians, ensuring you get the highest quality of ingredients after third party testing. In addition, having multiple professional lines of products allows us to give you options for optimal results.

Ready to get started with your detox?

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your needs and develop a detox plan for you. There are ways to support phases of detox and methods to strengthen your GI tracts to protect you from toxin absorption. Join us in:

Redefining Detox

Our skin is the largest organ and sustains significant exposure. Help your skin function optimally to defend your body against toxin absorption. In addition, the GI tract is one cell layer of protection from the external environment and toxin absorption. It is normal for our bowels to become damaged because of toxin overload. RMD is redefining detox in the following ways.

IV Nutrient Therapy

Please visit our IV therapy page for our many options. The two main ones for detox:

Our signature RMD IV formula — with all the vitamins and minerals to help support both phases of liver detox

Recharge — for the ultimate Detox support. It has more concentrated vitamins and minerals and a high dose of vitamin C IV. In addition, two major antioxidants are Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid. They scavenge all the free toxic radicals absorbed by our bodies on a daily basis.

But don’t stop there—follow these IV drips with other needed supports. We will inform you of your detox and nutritional options and customize a treatment plan during your consultation.

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In Knoxville, we specialize in functional nutrition and detox treatments aimed at achieving better health and vitality. Learn how our detox treatments can lower your toxin levels and get you back to feeling and functioning better on a daily basis. Schedule your consultation with RevitalyzeMD Durst or one of our providers today.

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