Melanotan: Get a Real Tan with a Peptide?

Who does not want a tan??

A tan always looks great! Get a tan without hours in the sun, dangerous tanning beds or the orange look as your spray tan fades. When a person spends time in the sun, there is exposure to UV radiation which can cause damage to the skin cells. Tanning beds carry a high risk of skin cancer. 

Now you can get a tan with a tanning peptide termed Melanotan II. This is an injectable peptide that can be obtained by seeing a physician that specializes in Peptide therapy. This peptide increases the melanin in the skin. It can produce a tan look without sun exposure or with very limited sun exposure.  It may carry some protection against skin cancer.  

How it Works

Melanotan II (MT2) is designed to help stimulate the body’s responses to the sun without exposing the body to the harmful rays of the sun. This is good for people that have a light complexion and burn easily. They do not have to spend hours in the sun or risk burning. They will not have to go through the healing process either. Users of MT2 have experienced the tanning of the skin at a quicker pace without having to damage the skin cells. This will greatly reduce the risk a person has for developing skin cancer.

Additional benefits of MT2:

  • Supports Melanogenesis.
  • Supports Tanning
  • Photoprotective
  • Lessens appetite and improves lipid and glucose regulation
  • Libido enhancement (more of a side effect at a high dose)
  • Metabolic Support:  Lipolytic, appetite control, anti-inflammatory, lowers oxidative stress
  • Induces enhanced thermogenic and anorexic responses
  • Helps improve glucose and cholesterol metabolism
  • Supports Immunity 
  • May help Autoimmune conditions

This peptide is frequently termed the “Barbie” peptide.  The reason is the “Tan”, increase Sex drive and possibly a decrease in appetite(ie. weight loss). But don’t be fooled as it can be used for men too.  Ken,  get your tan on!!!

Tan Peptide, or Barbie Peptide

How it is Used:

MT2 is a peptide that is prescribed by a doctor that specializes in peptides. Purity is an issue so a reputable source of peptides is important. It is supplied in a dried powder form. The powder is reconstituted into a solution and then injected in small amounts under the skin. It is injected through a small insulin needle so the discomfort is minimal. Once it is injected, it is rapidly absorbed. This will allow it to spread throughout the body for an even tan.

Everyone wants the tanned look. The MT2 formula will help a person get the tanned look they have always wanted.

The best way to find out if this peptide is for you is to make an appointment at RevitalyzeMD.  Book your peptide consult today! Call / Text 865-293-5828. 

Say goodbye to your tan lines and those painful burns!

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