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Debra Durst, MD

After 20 years as an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Debra Durst founded RevitalyzeMD in order to explore her passion for helping people to be their very best, from the inside out. RevitalyzeMD offers the latest in non-surgical procedures, laser treatments, IV therapy, nutrition and aesthetics. After years of continuing education, extensive training and experience, Dr. Durst has become an expert in the field of Sexual Medicine and Wellness. Combining Regenerative Medicine, Hormone replacement therapy with cutting edge Sexual wellness procedures, Dr. Durst has created a one of a kind medical practice that will help patients of all ages regain their confidence and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Cellular Focus. Hormone Optimization. Comprehensive Services. Lasting results!
• Debra Durst MD ABEM, AAARM, FMNM
• Board certified X2, Fellowship trained X 1.
• ABEM, American Board of Emergency Medicine.
• AAARM, Board of Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine
• FMNM, Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine.
• RMD: Cellular Focus. Hormone optimization. Comprehensive Services. Lasting results!


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Facials & Peels

Peels, facials, and more to stimulate a beautiful texture, shine and glow – allowing you to put your best face forward.

Chemical Peels

Cosmetic medical grade peels can rejuvenate your skin in just one treatment. By removing old, dry, or damaged skin cells that block pores, trap bacteria, and cause poor texture and discoloration, chemical peels can reset your skin allowing new, vibrant and healthy cells to emerge. We offer a large variety of options from Skinceuticals & ZO Skin Health. They range from gentle to aggressive, and all produce amazing results. These highly-effective peels contain a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types.

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HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial is not your typical facial. HydraFacial MD is a multi-step, non-invasive and painless treatment that combines the benefits of advanced hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions, a special delivery of antioxidants (to repair skin cell damage), hyaluronic acid (to give volume, hydration and fullness), and peptides (to boost collagen and elastin production and to protect the skin you’re in). It does all of this in one quick treatment that delivers real results without downtime or irritation. We also offer signature add-ons and upgrades which allow you to customize your treatment to address your specific skin concerns and achieve optimal results.

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Dermaplaning is a method of manual exfoliation that consists of scraping off the top layer of dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Once the exfoliation is complete the patient will enjoy the benefits of having no vellus “peach fuzz” hair on the face as well as better skincare product penetration and performance. Dermaplaning can be performed on all skin types. Dermaplaning works extremely well on its own, but it is also the perfect prep work for additional treatments. Hydrafacials and gentle chemical peels can be more effective when used in conjunction with dermaplaning.
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Laser Treatments

Explore our range of nonsurgical laser treatments to remove unwanted hair, treat facial skin damage and hyperpigmentation, improve skin complexion, contour the body, treat urinary incontinence, and more.

Body Contouring

Cellulite, dimples, and loose skin are a part of life – but they don’t have to be. If you have unwanted pockets of fat, cellulite, or just wish to have tighter skin, body contouring can help you achieve your desired look. At our practice in Knoxville, we offer two options for body contouring and reshaping: BodyFX and Forma Plus.

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Facial Contouring

MiniFX™ and Forma are highly-effective, non-invasive face & body shaping techniques designed to tackle small yet problematic fatty areas without surgery or downtime! By harnessing the amazing power of radiofrequency energy, coupled with deep tissue heating and negative pressure massage, in a specially-designed hand-piece perfect for treating smaller and hard-to-reach areas, MiniFX™ and Forma deliver powerful body shaping to reduce small pockets of unwanted fat resulting in smoother, slimmer, tighter skin!

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Laser Hair Removal

Sick of shaving? RevitalyzeMD is proud to offer the most cutting edge laser hair removal treatment available. InMode’s Diolaze is an advanced laser procedure that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair. Unlike traditional methods (waxing, shaving, bleaching or using depilatory creams), Diolaze laser hair removal targets the root of the hair follicle meaning that you require only requires a few sessions to get permanently smooth, hair-free skin.
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PRP Treatments (Vampire Series)

PRP (or Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a method of using the platelets in your own blood to help your body repair itself. 

Vampire Facial

While it may sound like something out of a horror movie, the “Vampire Facial” is actually based on solid science and rapidly evolving technology that leverages your skin’s ability to rejuvenate and relax deep wrinkles, acne, and blotches without surgery. Best of all, this cutting edge treatment has been tested to be safe and effective, and can keep improving your skin for months afterward.

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Vampire Facelift

With the science of your own platelet rich plasma, cosmetic fillers, and the artful eye of a professional, a Vampire Facelift® can take years off your appearance in just 15 minutes. Our signature Vampire Facelift will help remove wrinkles and add volume to your face, for a natural, more youthful look.

Unlike most procedures, the Vampire Facelift® offers a way of both restoring shape, and improving tone and texture, as well as literally rejuvenating new and younger tissue!

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Vampire Breast Lift

Just as the growth factors and stem cells contained in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can stimulate cell regeneration in the face, the same cutting-edge technology can be used to enhance the shape and fullness of the female breast. This procedure is for women who are satisfied with the size of their breasts but would like to improve the appearance of the cleavage and decolletage. PRP is injected into the breast, producing natural growth factors just beneath the skin. These growth factors then activate multipotent stem cells already in the tissue – this tricks them into “thinking” there’s been an injury and new younger tissue should be generated. This new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue (for smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy glow).

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We know that nourishing your body, ridding it of toxins, rebalancing your hormones, and infusing your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs will help you feel your best.


Our genes are not our destiny…they are our greatest opportunity. Through food, you may tap into the flexibility of your genes. The nutrients in healthy foods – vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, botanicals – all work synergistically to help your cells express good health. It is not often the genes that are our issues – it is the effects that the environment has on our genes. This starts with the foods we eat. It also is highly dependent on how we detoxify our highly toxic world.
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Detoxification is the process of reducing toxins found in the body by reducing your body’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Toxins such as plastics, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals can cause inflammation, resulting in diseases such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Accumulations of environmental and food-related toxins are rapidly being recognized as a cause of poor organ function and a likely contributor to a number of conditions.

More than 4 billion pounds of chemical compounds are released into the environment every year. Every day, our bodies can come into contact with unhealthy amount of chemicals. Although our bodies excrete some of these elements naturally, an abundance of harmful chemicals combined with a less than ideal diet can lead to an overburdened system. A detox can help eliminate unwanted chemicals and reset your body.

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Regenerative Medicine

PRP (or Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a method of using the platelets in your own blood to help your body repair itself. It is the first in the line of regenerative medicine treatments. We draw your own blood and process it to get the platelet concentrated part of the blood. Platelets have growth factors in them. We then reinject those platelets in areas to help regenerate tissue. It can help fill out wrinkles, replace volume loss, stimulate new hair growth, lift the chest, or help regenerate areas with loss of function. It is Regenerative Medicine that leads to a more youthful functional cells.

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