2017 Recap in Alternative Medicine

2017 Recap in Alternative Medicine

TURN BACK THE CLOCK WITH VAMPIRE FACELIFT® Dec 14, 2017 Have you ever wanted to look and feel younger, but just didn’t know how it could ever be possible? Well, you’re not alone. Many people, both men, and women felt the same way…that was until they experienced the...

Turn Back the Clock with Vampire Facelift®

Turn Back the Clock with Vampire Facelift®

Have you ever wanted to look and feel younger, but just didn’t know how it could ever be possible? Well, you’re not alone. Many people, both men, and women felt the same way…that was until they experienced the Vampire Facelift®. Now they are experiencing a sense of rejuvenation—and you can too!

O-Shot® Restoration

O-Shot® Restoration

Interested in learning more – check out our O-Shot® Blog Post and see how this procedure can enhance your life! Hey guys, think that procedures like this are only for the ladies…think again. Check out our P-Shot® Blog Post to learn more about how a P-Shot® Restoration Procedure can help increase your own sexual performance and bring stability to your like!

If, upon reading this article, you find that you’d like to have more information regarding this treatment, as well as other services we provide. Please feel free to contact us today!

Dysport Vs. Botox – What is the difference and which one is better?

Dysport Vs. Botox – What is the difference and which one is better?

Move over Botox. Make room for Dysport, an approved Botox alternative.

Dysport is so similar to Botox that it is referred to as Botox’s twin or first cousin. This new wrinkle relaxer is approved to treat forehead wrinkles and frown lines in the U.S., and has been used to treat neurological disorders outside the United States for more than 15 years. Dysport is approved to treat wrinkles in 23 countries.

And there is certainly a market for it. People can’t get enough of Botox. In 2008, Botox was the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure performed in the United States, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). There were approximately 2.5 million Botox procedures performed in 2008.

Dysport Vs. Botox

Like Botox Cosmetic, Dysport is an injectable form of botulinum toxin Type A. Your plastic surgery specialist will inject small amounts of the toxin into specific wrinkle-causing muscles, paralyzing them.

Exactly how the two wrinkle-relaxers differ is not fully understood. Initial reports suggest that Dysport may act quicker. Botox takes three to five days to work, while Dysport seems to work within one to two days. In some cases, wrinkles begin to fade as soon as 24 hours after receiving Dysport treatment. This rapid response could be the deciding factor for a woman or man looking to improve their appearance before a big social event or meeting.

What’s more, the Botox alternative may last longer than its predecessor. Some studies have shown that Dysport injections may keep wrinkles at bay for six months to one year, as opposed to the approximate three month timeframe associated with Botox.”
From: Here

Which works better?

According to This article from ABC News:

“The wrinkle results are in and might surprise some people. The anti-wrinkle injection Dysport proved better at reducing crow’s feet than its older, more popular competition, Botox.

So says a first-of-its-kind study, published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, which compared the two different kinds of botulinum toxins. In a 30-day trial, researchers injected 90 study participants with both medications, using one kind on the right side of the face and the other on the left. They found that both physicians and patients rated Dysport as more effective at reducing crow’s feet lines, while smiling, than Botox.

When the facial muscles were at rest, researchers noted no significant differences between the two agents.

“In this study, we were injecting the two agents in the same person’s face,” said Dr. Cory Maas, a San Francisco-based facial plastic surgeon and lead author of the study. “The sites were far enough away from each other so that the agents could not have an effect on each other, and by doing a split-face study, we have taken all the variables out of the equation, like age, gender and ethnicity.””

Looking for a Botox or Dysport injection specialist in the Knoxville area? At Revitalize MD, we offer Dysport® injections as a part of our practice. Also see our Specials Page for a limited time offer for your treatment. To Learn more about it see our Dysport® Page.



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Vampire Hair Restoration

Vampire Hair Restoration

This service is for men and women experiencing hair thinning and hair loss.

We combine our radio frequent micro-needling with PRP (platelet rich plasma) to strengthen thinning hair

and start growing in areas with dormant but visible follicles.



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