PDO Threads Nose lift. What a concept.

The liquid nose job uses Filler in the nose to correct deformities or irregularities that patients do not like. It is a huge confidence boost when that nose issue you obsess about is now corrected!

Despite its popularity, the nose is a very vascular structure and so filler placement needs to be done by an experienced injector. There are serious risks involved if the filler is not placed properly. Further, if you have had previous trauma or surgery, then the blood supply is uncertain and filler injections are a contraindication unless it is a skilled provider using a cannula to correct with filler. Be cautious. They make the liquid nose job with filler look easy on the videos but it is a high-risk area to inject with filler. The exciting news is there is a new kid on the block—PDO threads for a nose lift. You do not risk the same vascular occlusion when placing PDO threads to the nose that you do with filler. To date, there are no such issues. But you still can get bruising and swelling as is a risk anytime we put an object through the skin surface. At RevitalyzeMD in Knoxville PDO Threads Nose Lift is one of our many specialties, so schedule your consultation today!

PDO Nose Before & After
PDO Nose Before & After
Knoxville PDO nose thread lift model wearing blue top


  • Correct nasal imperfections
  • Immediate results
  • Non-surgical nasal treatment
  • No downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
  • In-office procedure
  • Immediate, long-lasting, and natural-looking outcomes

PDO threads to the nose offer another non surgical way to correct imperfections in the nose. Below is a video of a PDO nose thread lift. It looks worse than it is! We do have Pronox (laughing gas) if you are still nervous about having it done. Placing PDO threads in the nose is quite comfortable and fast. It is an in-office procedure with no downtime. The PDO threads used are targeted for the nose thread lift. Our PDO Threads Nose Lift Knoxville patients have nothing but the best things to say about this easy procedure.

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  • Smooth out any unevenness or irregularities in your nose?
  • Decrease the angular appearance of your nose?
  • Lift or make the tip of your nose more prominent?
  • Add volume to your nose?
  • Slim your nose?
  • Correct a dorsal hump (small bump) on your profile view?
  • Uneven texture or tone

Then look no further than RevitalyzeMD. We have options to get you the nose you always wanted. Whether it is a liquid nose job or PDO nose thread lift is right for you, we do that!

If you want to learn more about PDO Nose Thread Lift then text or call us at (865) 293-5828. We are here to Revitalyze your look, your health and your life!

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