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Promising Treatments for Covid 19

Optimism and Hope all around.

As the country comes together as a team to improve the Corona Pandemic, more people are out in nature. More families enjoying time together, meals together. More dogs on walks. While all that is going on, doctors, scientists and the medical community are finding ways to help those acutely ill with Corona Virus

Three promising medical advances with Covid-19

Hydroxychloroquine was approved by the FDA in 1956. It has been used for years for those with Autoimmune disorders. It is leading the way with promising treatments for Covid-19. It has been used for decades and so not an experimental drug and has a known history of safety, especially when death is the other option. 

Article: These are the drugs being tested in fight against coronavirus

A man that was very ill but rapidly improved. Quite promising for those acutely ill.

Another man says the anti-malaria drug worked for him but not to self-treat:

Fact check: Don’t self treat as that can definitely be deadly

Another man took fish tank cleaner with the same activate ingredient as the anti-malaria drug: “chloroquine phosphate” and died:

Another Doctor and successful treatment in Jacksonville:

What does this mean?

It means we have a very contagious new virus. 98% of those infected will recover fully or not even realize they have it.  It is estimated that 2% will get very ill or even die. Most of those will be those at high risk: Elderly, immune-compromised or those with multiple medical conditions.  

What is exciting is that we may have a way to make a huge difference for those that are severely ill. Hydroxychloroquine has a long history of use and so no reason to withhold to await off label approval. Doctors can use drugs for off label use when they feel it is appropriate. If death is the other option, then it is black and white. Use it.  What do you have to lose in those critically ill from this virus?

It is also showing promise as an early treatment for those at high risk that are not yet showing serious pulmonary symptoms. Being studied further. 

But the government is taking steps to prevent hoarding so that is available for use by hospitals for the acutely ill that need it, if it is deemed appropriate treatment by the treating physician. 

Stay safe and healthy!

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