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Hairline - Prp Hair Restoration

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Hair loss and hair thinning is a common problem among men and women. It can be very distressing and cause problems with self esteem. The medical term for this is alopecia. There are mainly two types of alopecia. The first is pattern alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness or androgenic in men and female pattern baldness in women. The is a strong genetic component and more commonly on your maternal side (opposite of what most people think). With men the pattern is hairline recession and then the crown of the head with slow progression.

There is also a strong hormonal issue with this type of hair loss. Testosterone is converted to an active metabolite- dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This is a much stronger androgen than testosterone so you are stronger in other areas but it does cause hair loss. The enzyme that converts T to DHT is concentrated in the hair follicles. There is a drug called Propecia that targets and inhibits this enzyme.

Testorone to DHT - PRP Hair Restoration

There is another drug Rogaine or minoxidil that can also be used for hair loss and is topically applied. These have notoriously been the best treatment for hail loss and are of limited effectiveness and have many side effects some of which can interfere with the sexual function of men. So your trade off is hair or sex!!


There is also female pattern baldness in women. It is more genetic since women do not have as much testosterone to convert to DHT to cause hormonal hair loss. So that leaves women with just Minoxidil topically for the treatment of female pattern baldness or thinning that can happen as they age. Female thinning is in a feminine pattern and involves the top of the head and part with no effect on the hairline.

female pattern baldness - PRP Hair Restoration

The other type of hairless in both men and women is alopecia areata. This is an immune and inflammatory hair loss. It happens in patches, can be intermittent and migratory. It is very important to control inflammation in the body and stress with this kind of hair loss. In either of these forms of hair loss, the hair follicle and hair becomes more thin with time.

female alopecia areata circular hairloss - PRP Hair Restoration

Traditionally, treatment for hair loss and thinning has been supplements and medications. Men are treated with minoxidil topically for both men and women. In addition, men can be treated with Propecia or similar medications for blockage of the ez that metabolizes testosterone to DHT. Medications have been helpful in stopping or reversing hair loss. The drawback is they need to be taken long term and when stopped, hair loss recurs. In addition, there is cost and side effects. Side effects with Propecia can be so severe as to cause sexual disfunction in men which occasionally has been reported to continue after the medication is discontinued. There are vitamins that stimulate hair growth. You can buy individual ones such as calcium, Vit C, zinc, biotin and iron. Or you can purchase a combination product that combines these and more. The most popular product sold for hair growth is Vivascal.

Hair transplant is very successful method for hair restoration. The finished result is very natural looking and the before and after pictures leave you wanting to do it. The drawback to hair transplantation is that it can be time consuming and you have to wait for the hair follicle transplanted to take. In addition, you have to have enough hair to harvest. The results are amazing but some of those take thousands of hair follicles so you can imagine the time that takes but also the cost. Hair translation can cost up to $15,000 so your wallet can take a big hit for that result.

The good news—there is a emerging and very hopeful procedure in hair restoration. It is the Vampire Hair restoration procedure. We have trained on this specific technique that combines prp and microneedling to stimulated hair follicles.

prp hair loss restoration - PRP Hair Restoration

The Vampire Hair Restoration(PRP Hair Restoration): Is an in office 90 min procedure with no downtime. It is relatively if not completely painless. A scalp numbing block is performed in addition to topical numbing medication. Then a mixture of vitamins, prp and Acell is injected directly into the scalp to stimulate follicle growth and health.

What is prp?

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a concentration derived from your own blood – a rich source of specialized proteins called Growth Factors. It is a concentration of platelets and platelets contain a variety of growth factors. It is obtained by drawing blood and then spinning and extracting the platelet rich plasma. In our system, it is spun twice to extract the most concentrated form of prp. That concentrated platelet serum is then injected back into the tissue to stimulate site specific tissue stem cells to regenerate new cells and tissue in that area. And in the scalp, the platelets and growth factors stimulate new hair follicle growth.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP - PRP Hair Restoration


What is Acell?

ACell’s MatriStem technology (an FDA approved medical device) works at the cellular level to repair and remodel damaged tissues. ACell has a broad range of medical and surgical applications, and is a naturally occurring protein complex found in skin and other tissues. When injected into the scalp, ACell activates dormant follicular stem cells for up to 18-24 months. Note: Hair restoration is not an FDA approved indication for Cell.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are present in all body tissues and are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of those parts. Specifically, these are referred to as Adult Stem Cells because they are specific to their tissue location (unlike Embryonic Stem Cells which have the ability to form any kind of tissue). When tissue is damaged, adult stem cells become activated and recruit GF other cell types to the area and tissue regeneration begins. In the case of genetic hair loss, there is not tissue damage, only a gradual de-activation of follicular stem cells. This process causes a steady decline in hair quantity and quality.

Who would benefit from prp and cell?

ACell + PRP Therapy protects hair from additional shedding, renews miniaturizing hairs for improved growth, and restores hair quality and quantity for patients with thinning hair. ACell+PRP is applicable for:

· Male and Female hereditary hair loss Alopecia Areata

· Hypotrichosis (Decreased hair growth) of the eyebrows

· An ACell treatment is an option for patients who’ve had surgical hair restoration previously: Want to increase hair density without more surgery

· people who want to maintain their hair without using medication like Propecia or Rogaine

ACell + PRP Results

New hair growth becomes visible in most cases within 4-6 months after ACell + PRP Injection procedure. Hair continues to thicken over a period of 12-15 months. Hair will feel and appear thicker and more dense depending upon the area treated, with results in the hair line typically being more noticeable to patients. These results last for months, and even years, before regression may begin to occur.

Maintaining an active follow-up relationship with RevitalyzeMD will ensure an up-to-date comprehensive plan to know when it is ideal for another procedure to keep hair growth thriving. Results will be assessed every 4-6 months post-procedure, and progress will be tracked annually to determine when a follow on procedure may be advised to keep hair growth continuing.


Acell/prp treatment for men and women differ.

Women usually require just one treatment due to less severe loss and just thinning. The cost of that treatment is $1900. The results of just that one treatment are amazing!

Men usually require two treatments. $1900 for one or $3000 for two if second one is scheduled on the day of the first treatment.

Hope this page helps you gain the information you need to make a decision. We would love to help you on your hair restoration journey. Please call to set up an appointment.



Platelet Rich Plasma PRP - PRP Hair Restoration
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