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Introducing a brand new, transplant-killing, breakthrough in regenerative medicine, Exosome Hair Restoration! 

Exosomes are showing such promising results in Hair Regenerative treatments. Enter Exosomes which are noncellular vesicles that carry messengers, proteins and growth factors. The results have been very impressive and speak for themselves. 

As with any new advances, there have not been any formalized trials testing these new treatments. Exosomes are derived from the bone marrow of a human donor. The companies used, such as Direct Biologics,  for exosome products follow strict FDA guidelines. Although exosomes are considered acellular material, the donors are strictly screened and tracked. 


The mechanism of action of exosomes has not been fully elucidated. It has been hypothesized that it acts on the stem cells to reactivate. The active part of hair follicle is the bulb embedded in the scalp. This is the dividing part of the hair follicle, where it obtains its blood flow and where the stem cells are located. 

Another thought is that exosomes go in and clean up the cell and regenerate function. Some hair transplant surgeons that have been early adopters of exosomes have obtained very promising results, with much quicker onset and more robust hair growth than PRP (platelet rich plasma). 

In addition, there have been results of hair growth in completely bald scalps, a feat previously not achieved with other injectable hair loss treatments

This is shown in actual before and after pictures of actual exosome patients. The practical parts of exosome use are still underway. We have developed a combination protocol that is showing great results. At RMD, we are always striving for newer and better protocols so it is still a work in progress. Dr. Durst is always educating and implementing cutting edge services to provide patients with real results. 


Hair is far more complex than it appears on the surface.  It plays an important role in how we present ourselves to the world each day. It plays a major role in self-confidence. It is a common concern as we age. 

 These before and after pictures are from actual patients undergoing exosome treatments. 

One example is the patient below who just got a small test treatment to see if anything would happen at all. You can see hairs starting to sprout!

While this treatment isn’t recommended for people who are completely bald, this test shows the power of this procedure… sprouting hair on someone that an ethical transplant surgeon wouldn’t even treat.

Check out some more before and afters:

This is not just for men either! Women who have thinning hair or who want a permanent solution to extensions may benefit from this.

Hair Restoration for Women Before and After Photos

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