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Trends & evolution of PDO thread lifts. Are patients Happy with the results?

Who is still too shy to talk about their botox treatment or their plump and filled lips?

Not too many.

Ten years ago, not many people knew about Botox. If they did, they certainly were not talking about getting botox done.  Only JLo is still denying it! 

Today everyone knows what botox is and they are not shy about talking about their latest treatment with it and how good they look after getting their Botox injections.

Gone are the days when people would shun cosmetic procedures or be quiet about having them done. PDO Thread lift procedures are highly sought after medical aesthetic services. For the first decade of their use, people were highly skeptical of PDO threads. Now we are at a point in time when we all accept that they work and well.

Facts about PDO threads
  • They stimulate collagen production
  • Thicken skin
  • Lift saggy tissue
  • All people on real self say they are worth having done.
  • They are addicting
  • Cumulative effects
Reasons to get PDO 
  • They work!
  • Patients love the results!
  • The effects are cumulative!

Thread materials

There are a few different types of thread materials. PDO thread is the most commonly used thread type. Safety and efficacy of PDO threads is well established. PCL is new to the US and so not used as commonly. While PCL lasts longer, that may carry unwanted effects.  Threads have evolved since the beginning of use in the 1990’s.  As that evolution happens– the materials, types and delivery methods will change. The key is to find a provider that is experienced in PDO threads and they will evolve treatments as they see advances in the latest technology.  

  • Most commonly used thread used in non surgical face lifts
  • Dissolves in 6mths 
  • Lasts for 12-18 mths 
  • Great strength
  • Lowest cost
  • Similar to PDO threads
  • More painful
  • Not commonly used in thread lifts
  • New to US
  • Longer lasting
  • May be more likely to cause complications
  • Expensive

There are different thread types

Smooth/ Mono/ Sugar PDO threads

Otherwise known as Mono or Sugar threads. 

These produce no lifting or immediate effects unless used with a lifting thread. They have fabulous Collagen building effects and will increase the thickness of the skin in the area they are placed.  This will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles over the period of 3-6mths. Most often done in a series of sessions.

Twist or Screw PDO threads

This thread type can provide an immediate effect in the area as it pops the area out.  They can be used in the lips instead of filler. They provide a more pronounced Collagen stimulating effect.

Lifting/Barb/Molded PDO threads

These threads are still made of PDO for the collagen building effects over the long term  But they also are designed with barbs or molded barbs to grab onto the tissue and to give the immediate lifting effect.  The effect is best seen at a couple of months after the procedure instead of right after and continues to have an effect at 3,6 and 9mths

Different Treatment areas

PDO threads can be used in many different areas and combined to help meet your treatment goals. Your provider will do a full assessment to determine a treatment plan. 

Areas that can be treated with PDO threads:

  • Non surgical facelift
  • Midface lifting
    • Nasolabial fold improvement
    • Cheek definition
  • Lower Face Lifting
    • Improve jowling or marionette lines
  • Brow lift
  • Cat eye
  • Plump skin in areas with crepey skin like the neck
  • Smooth areas of wrinkles in the face
  • Acne scars
  • Body lifting and skin tightening
  • Nose deformities

Thread treatments are the hottest service in 2021!  PDO threads have been in use in the Aesthetic industry for decades. Dr. Durst has been performing PDO thread lifting procedures for many years now but has never seen such a demand for an aesthetic service increase in such a short period of time. We are doing these amazing PDO thread treatments on a daily basis. 

Patients love the results! We love the results!

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Learn more about PDO Threads here

Below are the links to the different treatment areas. To learn more, click the link so you can see videos of the procedure as well as before and after pictures.

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