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"DYNAMITE!" Lip Filler Testimonial!

Body Contouring Laser from a Body Builders Perspective!

Lip Filler! A great addition to enhance your natural lip shape!

GAINSWAVE, P-SHOT, and HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY | How it helped a couple's intimacy!

Hormone replacement therapy for couples! Increase sex drive and energy! Get you partner back!

How a Body Contouring treatment- TightSculpting can keep you from going under the knife!

Got a Gummy Smile??? We Got a Fix! We love for you to hear from our patients!

Take years off your skin with Radio-frequency and laser treatments. Hear from one of our patients!

Find Out Why Cyndie Loved her experience with Lip Filler and Botox at RevitalyzeMD!

Get Rid of Your Stretch Marks! Check Out This Amazing Story and Results!

IV Therapy like no other IV drip therapy locations. RMD drips formulated by Dr Durst. No kits @RMD!

How Hormone optimization helps women feel good again. And....women need testosterone too!

Are you eyes aging you? Look tired? Have bags? Eyelase may be for you. Amy shares her experience.

Have Acne scars? RF Microneedling or Morpheus will help erase acne scars. Testimonial by Emma.

Did you know there are Fat burning & Energy shots?? Hear more from a patient that loves them!

Kristin's Experience with IV Therapy at RevitalyzeMD #knoxville #IVTherapy (865) 293-5828

How To Sleep Through The Night and Have Less Pain? What peptides CJC1295 & BPC-157 did for Mike!

Hear what a patient has to say about his treatments at RMD. Gainswave, Pshot, Pellets and more!

How dermaplaning with a chemical peel made my face GLOW! Video testimonial. RevitalyzeMD

Renzo Testimonial on #P-Shot, #GainsWave, and #HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) #Knoxville

An IV therapy testimonial: How IV Therapy Helped with GI Issues

Knoxville# IV Therapy: Hillary's Experience with IV Therapy | Revitalyze MD

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Knoxville, TN | Revitalyze MD | (865) 293-5828

IV Therapy in Knoxville, TN | Revitalyze MD | (865) 293-5828 | NAD, Hangover, Vitamins

Discover personalized and comprehensive treatments at RevitalyzeMD. We aim to help patients regain their sexual confidence, achieve better vitality, and be better than when they walked through our doors. Patients come from all over Marble City to recharge with Dr. Durst’s tailor-made IV Therapy treatments and various other procedures—because we begin at the cellular level to Revitalyze your life. Complete the following form to schedule your no obligation analysis & consultation!

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