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Can High Dose Vitamin C and Vitamin D decrease your risk and severity of Viral Infections?

By Debra Durst MD

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is an essential nutrient in the body. It is a powerful antioxidant and is a co-factor in many reactions in the body. It supports many functions of our WBC to help fight infection. Some functions include:

  • Supports epithelial barrier
  • Enhances neutrophils
  • Enhances microbial killing
  • Supports NK cells
  • Supports B cells
  • Supports T cells

Vitamin C deficiency leads to impaired immunity and higher susceptibility to infections. In fact, Vitamin C deficiency can result in an increased risk of a plethora of diseases. In turn, Vitamin C levels are impacted by infections due to the increased metabolic demand and inflammation. Vitamin C is a water-soluble Vitamin and is not toxic when taken in larger amounts. Having said that, Vitamin C at targeted high amounts has been shown to be toxic to cancer cells and so therefore can be used as a secondary treatment to possible enhance the effects of chemotherapy.2

you can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency. - Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time nobel prize winner

We know it is not dangerous to human cells. It is necessary and it may prevent or treat many diseases including infections. We are now hearing more about the use of high dose Vitamin C in cases of Covid-19.3 There are now studies underway for this treatment.

Vitamin D3(Cholecalciferol)

Many studies have demonstrated a deficiency in Vitamin D worldwide. Vitamin D plays many important roles in your body, including support of your immune system. Scientific research suggests that supplementing with vitamin D may protect against respiratory infections, especially among those who are deficient in the vitamin.  The best way to take Vitamin D is in supplemental form.  We monitor Vitamin D levels with a goal of an optimal level for anti-aging benefits as well as immune support. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin so it is not able to be administered in an IV. We do offer high dose Vitamin D shots. Most patients are low in Vitamin D and it is important to have that level checked. At RevitalyzeMD, we offer shots and oral supplementation to get that Vitamin D level into the optimal range. The RDA of Vitamin D is quite low so our goal is higher for optimal health.  During times of infection, or with risk of infection, a shot is that added boost that is needed!8

Keep in mind, there’s currently no evidence that taking any supplement, including vitamin D, reduces your risk of developing COVID-19.

At RevitalyzeMD, we believe in optimizing cell health to keep our body functioning at high levels.  Dr. Durst has formulated many IV drips that include this powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C. Many of these formulas utilize high dose Vitamin C.  Most of these Vitamin C IV formulas infuse over an hour. This allows the cells to be bathed with fluid and Vitamins with 100% absorption of these vitamins and minerals directly to the cells. This by passes oral absorption or an unhealthy GI tract that limits the absorption of Vitamins taken by mouth. 

Dr. Durst was a pharmacist before becoming a physician. She completed both her pharmacy and medical degree at the Ohio State University. In fact, she worked as a pharmacist at Ohio State hospitals during her first two years of medical school. Because of the education and experience of Dr. Durst, RevitalyzeMD is different than other wellness centers offering IV nutrient therapy. She has formulated all the drips at RevitalyzeMD. She knows the science behind the ingredients and her IV nutrient therapy.  The staff at RMD is able to further customize an IV formula to their patient’s needs. The do not use kits as do other offices. They put together your IV formula in the office with the most concentrated ingredients. And during this pandemic, Dr. Durst has formulated RevitaC to focus on providing optimal support to the immune system!

Support your immune system with High does Vitamin C IV and other immune boosting shots, including Vitamin D3 shots. Call or text (865) 293-5828 to make an appointment. 



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