Discover RMD’s Revolutionary Peptide + HGH Program for Anti-aging!

RevitalizeMD brings you a new and unique anti-aging formulation that goes beyond the well-established benefits of HGH.

As we age, our Growth Hormones begin to decline, but there are certain things that we can do to stave off that decline like: sleeping, exercise, and intermittent fasting.

But what if you’re already doing all the things you’re supposed to and you want to boost your body’s regenerative power?

At RevitalyzeMD, Dr. Durst has formulated a GH peptide program that is medically managed and utilizes peptides to increase GH as we age.

The goal of our program is to increase your body’s own Growth Hormone for all the beneficial effects on the body. We use Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH) and peptides to increase secretion of Growth Hormone in a more physiologic fashion. It is called the GH program because it is not necessarily growth hormone but the effects are the same.

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