Sexual Wellness for Women

Not enjoying sex like you once did? Learn how to change that and outperform your partner! Aging can affect a woman’s sex life in many ways. Fortunately, there are now ways to combat these things from happening as we age without surgery. Explore the many options for vaginal rejuvenation, stress urinary incontinence, and better orgasms.

Throughout life, women will notice changes in sexual enjoyment and function. Just know there are a lot of solutions. In traditional medicine, not a lot of education or time is spent discussing sex, sexual changes, or solutions to Sexual wellness issues. Without the solutions for helping, many doctors will not spend much time discussing issues that are a major concern to women. It may just be said, “You are getting older and these changes happen.” They may even scare you away from Hormone or alternative treatments because they do not know much about this area of medicine. Sexual wellness is also not covered in traditional medical education. But patients want improvement in their sex life and they are looking for solutions. Regenerative medicine doctors are positively impacting medicine by providing options that would not otherwise be offered by your primary doctor or gynecologist specialist.

Let’s learn more about the changes that happen with women as we age.

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is highly variable in women. It is a wide range of changes in sexual function and pleasure that women experience.

These changes have many causes:
Medical conditions such as:
They can affect women and result in:
These medical conditions have diagnostic names now:

Sexual Wellness services offered:

At RMD, we believe in a comprehensive approach to Sexual Wellness in women. This includes a thorough medical evaluation and discussions of any and all concerns you may be experiencing. A treatment plan is tailored to your needs and you will be active in your journey to a better sex life.

If you are experiencing:

Having those conversations are important to start on your journey to a better sex life. Make your appointment today to see if any of these services are right for you. Text or call us at 865.293.5828.

We are here to Revitalyze your look, your health, and your sex life!