Suffering from Andropause, the Male Menopause?


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone therapy programs aren’t only for women. Men experience a more gradual loss of hormones, mainly testosterone. The result is andropause, known as the “male menopause.” Andropause results in feeling like you have lost your competitive edge and life seems to be an uphill battle. HRT can assist in relieving these symptoms and making life fun again. It also helps protect against deterioration of organs that results from declining hormone levels.

The signs of andropause and related hormonal issues include:

USETA Syndrome (I used to be able to do this or recovery quickly) TAT (Tired all the time)
Weight gain Muscle loss
Fatigue Sleep problems
Irritability Depression
Memory issue Loss of competitive edge
Lower sex drive


Andropause is the male menopause.  A gradual decline in testosterone that starts in the 30’s and happens at a rate of 1-2% a year.  According to the US Census bureau, 4-5 million men suffer from symptoms of low testosterone.  But it is estimated that only 5-10% will seek treatment.  So understand that is common, even if not always discussed.  Fortunately the best news is that these hormone losses and imbalances easily correctable.  Dr. Durst and the providers at RMD have been extensively trained in andropause and its treatment using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The risks and benefits of testosterone therapy need to be evaluated by your provider.  Each man’s anatomy and physiology are different so it is not a one size fits all diagnosis and treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a therapy for men with low testosterone that want to boost their health and overall well-being.  Through proper treatment, RMD can help you be the best version of yourself.  A more vibrant, healthier and younger you!

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Program

Revitalyze MD provides customized and medically supervised program includes natural HRT for men.  We use blood levels to guide us to replenishment of hormones to optimal levels for symptom control and disease protection.