Only at RevitalyzeMD! Rev is a treatment protocol developed by us that combines many modalities to optimize sexual performance in men and women.

REV For Women & Men

REV Treatment for Men & Women

REV for Women—Only At RevitalyzeMD

REV is a sexual wellness treatment protocol at RevitalyzeMD that comprehensively optimizes sexual wellness in women. By combining O-Shot, Laser vaginal rejuvenation, Clitoral Laser rejuvenation, Femiwave, Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy, IV nutrient therapy, peptides, and more.

Optimizes sexual performance by regenerating on a cellular level. REV is a cutting-edge comprehensive treatment protocol in regenerative medicine with little to no downtime. Whether you are suffering from sexual issues, urinary incontinence, or just want better orgasmic strength, REV may be THE solution for you!

REV For Women

Rev Up Your Sex Life!

O-Shot: Using your own blood to regenerate vaginal tissue and help with orgasms, pain, and urinary incontinence.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: We have multiple devices that use heat to stimulate remodeling of the entire female genitourinary system. It augments the cellular regeneration of the O-Shot.

IV therapy: Recommended at the onset of your treatment to jumpstart your cellular reset. Your cells get infused with the nutrients necessary for regeneration. We also add specific amino acids that aid in optimal sexual function. This is recommended with each Votiva treatment.

Peptides: Sexual desire and arousal in women is of utmost importance. Mind and body connection plays a role and we have ways to address this. But let’s start with a peptide injection multiple times a week that explodes your desire and arousal. This helps fill that gap while the treatments are regenerating tissue. But why ever stop using them when your sex lift becomes that hot!

HRT: As we age, our hormones decrease, greatly affecting our cellular and physical function. We will check your hormone levels and optimize for the lasting effects of our REV treatment.

To further escalate your sex life, we can add Stem Cell or Exosome treatment with your O-Shot in our REV+ package!

Compounded Medications

Dr. Durst has a passion for Sexual Health and Regenerative medicine and has some customized treatment protocols that support better function on a cellular level. We offer the most advanced Regenerative Medicine techniques for Sexual Wellness. Regenerative medicine creates an optimal internal healing environment and gives patients and professionals new treatment options that weren’t available just a few years ago. We want to be your educational partner, help you regain your confidence and make sure that you continue to feel young and vibrant!

REV Treatment for Men—Only At RevitalyzeMD

REV is a sexual wellness treatment protocol at RevitalyzeMD that comprehensively optimizes sexual performance in men. By combining Gainswave or Sound Wave (Acoustic shock wave therapy), P-Shot (PRP injections), IV nutrient therapy, peptides, HRT, and more.

REV optimizes sexual performance by regenerating on a cellular level. Rev is a cutting-edge comprehensive treatment protocol in regenerative medicine with little to no downtime. Whether you are suffering from sexual dysfunction or just need a boost in the bedroom, REV may be THE sexual solution for you! 

REV For Men

Rev Up Your Sex Life With:

P-Shot: The P-Shot uses your own blood to help regenerate erectile tissue and help with blood flow. This means better erections and orgasms.

GAINSWave: Acoustic shock wave therapy is used to improve blood flow in the penis. Gainswave is used to boost performance and to improve blood flow seen with aging, medical conditions, and ED.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Hormones can play a big part in sexual changes that men experience as they age. If hormones are an issue, we will find imbalances and address them. Better energy. Better mood. Better sex. Testosterone is a life force for men!

IV therapy: We have nutrient IV therapy that can be used to optimize cell health and we add in some amino acids that can boost your sexual function.

Peptides: PT-141 is a sexual function peptide. Peptides are amino acids and proteins that help give the body back what it needs for better function. PT-141 is a peptide that helps boost your sex life. It may help a man regain confidence while the regenerative treatments are being performed. They can work when the little blue pill does not. These peptides can be used to enhance your sexual experience even if erection strength does not seem to be a problem.

Cialis (Tadalafil) / Viagra (sildenafil): These PD5 inhibitors help with blood flow. We have many different options for these medications alone or in combination. In combination, it can add an immediate and long-acting effect in one dose. Low doses of these medications are available for daily use—that offer all the benefits but without the side effects frequently experienced with the full dose.

RevitalyzeMD specializes in Sexual Wellness and Regenerative medicine. RevitalyzeMD has customized treatment protocols that support better sexual function.

We know sexual issues can be a sensitive topic. We also know there are not many places to turn to have those conversations. We have created an environment that is comforting and also provides the solutions you are seeking. Having those conversations are important to start on your journey to a better sex life. Make your appointment today to see if any of these treatments are right for you.

Bring your mojo back and rock it out in the bedroom again, perhaps more than ever before!