A prescription medicine, Latisse® approved by the FDA, has been shown to be safe and effective for the treatment of thinning eyelashes.

What Is Latisse®?
Latisse® is guaranteed to add length and restore the body to weakened eyelashes. It is the first medicine of its kind to be approved by the FDA.

It is a prescription medicine that will treat your thinning eyelashes rather than hiding them, and it promises to give you long-term results. It takes three to four weeks of compliant application to start seeing improvement. You can expect your lashes to look their fullest, darkest and achieve maximum volume about three months after you begin using Latisse®.

Benefits Of Latisse®
Latisse®, a proven answer to the problem of diminishing eyelashes, offers many benefits, including:

– Just a few short weeks to see amazing results.
– Your eyelashes will grow fuller, stronger and longer naturally.
– It only takes one application a day to obtain and maintain permanent results.

How Is Latisse® Administered?
The first step to begin Latisse® is to consult with your provider. During the consultation, you will learn the benefits of Latisse®. You will also discuss any possible side effects and together you will decide if Latisse® is a good fit for you. Once it has been decided that you are a good candidate for Latisse®, you will learn the correct way to apply Latisse® at home, using the prescribed guidelines (included in kit).

Please report any concerns or contact your provider if you have any questions about Latisse®.

Note: Through the daily use of Latisse®, you will grow thicker, darker lashes; however, if you stop using the product, you will no longer see the same results.

When Will Results From The Application Of Latisse® Be Noticed?
For most patients, two to three weeks are all that is needed to start seeing the amazing results of using Latisse®. You will see noticeable improvement each week thereafter until your lashes reach their darkest, fullest peak around four months after you start using the medication. From that point, it is simply a matter of applying Latisse® daily to maintain your new lashes.