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PDO Threads, the Best Non-Surgical Facelift?

A reason to be thankful: A Non-Surgical Facelift!

When it comes to rejuvenating your look, there are plenty of non-surgical options from Botox to laser resurfacing . Though these treatments restore your youthful look, they can’t stop the aging process and may not be effective if you’re starting to experience facial laxity, which causes your skin to sag and droop. Now a surgical facelift is not the only option to correct this problem! Dr. Durst offers a non-surgical solution to lift and tighten your skin. For an instantly younger look with little downtime using PDO Threads for a Non-Surgical Facelift

What are PDO Threads? 

PDO threads are a type of suturing material made from biocompatible proteins that dissolve over time without leaving scar tissue. They are commonly used by Cardiothoracic surgeons to close surgical incisions. More recently, aesthetic specialists use PDO threads to perform a thread lift, which is the non-surgical alternative to the traditional facelift.

Instead of cutting excess skin, Dr. Durst strategically places the threads in order to pull your facial skin back to lift and tighten. Our non-surgical facelift is also ideal for those not considered a good surgical candidate for a facelift because of pre-existing health conditions. 

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Quick and Easy Procedure 

Dedicated to providing the best results with minimal side effects, we use FDA-approved NovaThreads for our PDO thread lifts. NovaThreads are needles pre-loaded with PDO threads, which means no cutting or incisions, only quick and easy injections. 

Placement of your PDO threads takes less than an hour and is performed using a local anesthetic to minimize pain. Unlike a facelift, PDO threads provide instant results. Though downtime isn’t necessary, you may want to take the rest of the day off after your PDO threads are placed. You should be able to go back to your normal routine the next day. 

Collagen Production

In addition to your instantly younger look, PDO threads also provide lasting results by stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is a structural protein responsible for your skin’s youthful strength, volume, and resilience. As you get older, collagen production decreases and is one of the major factors leading to the visible signs of aging. 

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