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Here at Revitalyze MD, we love sharing content on the services we, and other like-minded professionals, provide to our clients.

Here at our Med Spa, we love sharing content on the services we, and other like-minded professionals, provide to our clients. Continue reading the included excerpts to learn more about this service and how O-Shot Restoration can enhance your sexual satisfaction and enrich your life. Interested in learning more – check out our O-Shot® Blog Post and see how this procedure can enhance your life! Hey guys, think that procedures like this are only for the ladies…think again. Check out our P-Shot® Blog Post to learn more about how a P-Shot Restoration Procedure can help increase your own sexual performance and bring stability to your like! If, upon reading this article, you find that you’d like to have more information regarding this treatment, as well as other services we provide. Please feel free to contact us today!

What does an orgasm have in common with smooth skin? – Both can now be achieved with the help of medical science. “(Loss of sexual satisfaction) is a complaint a lot of people have,” said Mahony, who has 30 years experience in her field.

How This Procedure Works

The O-Shot, trademarked and owned by Alabama-based plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Runels, is a form of platelet-rich-plasma therapy, that utilizes a centrifuge method to increase the concentration of platelets in the blood. These platelets are comprised of protein “growth factors” that aid in injury recovery. The use of this PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is not new to the medical field. As it is often used to treat chronic tendon injuries, surgery recovery, hair loss & skin rejuvenation,

Mahony said she became a believer in PRP over a year ago, after experiencing some medical issues after an unsuccessful hip replacement. Those issues included hair loss. She said she turned to PRP, wondering if could help reverse the hair loss. “I had a pretty great response to it,” she said. “It really worked for me.” Mahony said, as people age, small blood vessels in the body no longer get the blood supply they used to. This can cause tissues in the body to thin out and start to lose their function. This includes the tissue between the clitoris and the urethra.

By Injecting such areas with PRP, the tissue is thickened, increases sexual sensitivity, and reverses incontinence. Read this article in full.

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