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I was recently featured on the Stay Healthy Knoxville Podcast hosted by Dr. John-Mark Chesney. I had the opportunity to discuss the sexual changes that occur as men and women age and the solutions that are available to improve sexual function! It is an exciting and informative podcast highlighting some of the topics I’m most passionate about! Listen to the podcast episode to find out more about: Changes that occur sexually as we age, how these changes are different among men and women functional changes with aging, traditional medicine vs integrative medicine approach to treatments, what is PRP and why we love it, how laser treatments are incorporated into treating sexual dysfunction, gainswave treatments and their vital role in treatment and so much more… I would love for you to listen to the podcast: CLICK HERE, not only for the exciting information but also so that you can learn more about the changes that will occur to you as you age and that there are solutions available!

Dr. John-Mark is the host of the “Stay Healthy Knoxville Podcast” and owner of Simply Physio. He helps people stay active, live free from pain medication, and avoid surgery so you don’t have to slow down or miss out on life. These “Pain Guides” reveal Dr. John-Mark’s best kept secrets for overcoming lingering pain. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A PAIN GUIDE

If you are currently looking for some expert tips or possibly some help recovering from an injury- then be sure to select one of his FREE offers for Revitalize MD patients: 1) If you are currently suffering from any lingering pain- and looking for some help, Dr. John-Mark has reserved 5 spots available for a free “VIRTUAL” Discovery Visit (valued at $143) as well as $50 off any other service. These appointments are in high demand- and only for those serious andmotivated about finding real solutions for ending your lingering pain. Claim yours before they are gone. For more information about claiming your FREE “VIRTUAL” Discovery Visit-CLICK HERE. 2) If you have some issues with a nagging BACK, HIP, KNEE, SHOULDER, or NECK pain and are looking for some helpful tips- then request a “Defeat Your Pain Guide” for FREE!

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