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The PDO facial thread lift can be called the non-surgical facelift with little to no downtime involved.

Procedure Highlights

If you have concerns of:

Then you need to be evaluated to see how a PDO thread facelift can work for you.

The PDO face thread lift is a procedure that is performed in the office without anesthesia. No downtime is necessary.

You will need to be fully assessed by the provider to see if PDO threads will work for what you want to see improve. It is not a surgical procedure so the provider will be very real with you about the non-surgical results you will obtain.

The results of a PDO thread lift are immediate for lifting. The results of the PDO face thread lift will get better at 2, 4, and 6 months. After 2 months, it will be decided if you need more PDO threads. The PDO thread lifts are typically repeated at 12 mths.

Before & After

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