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Can the PDO face lift work in the neck too? The answer is “Yes”! The Neck PDO thread lift!

The Nonsurgical PDO thread facelift can be a Neck Lift procedure as well. PDO threads are placed in the neck with amazing results.

A surgical neck lift is a common way to remove excess fat and skin from the neck. PDO thread neck lift offers patients a non-surgical solution to help with the many age-related changes like sagging skin, crepey skin, and an undefined jawline,

The PDO neck thread lift is a safe, natural, non-surgical procedure that corrects the loose and sagging skin and wrinkles that occur in the neck. The procedure does not involve any cutting or incisions to lift the loose skin. Instead, it employs absorbable PDO threads that are weaved beneath the skin to mesh and lift and smooth it leaving natural results. The PDO sutures will be naturally absorbed by your body and replaced by collagen and elastin. The results are firmer, tighter, smoother looking neck and jawline.

Want your turkey neck or double chin gone?

Molded or barbed PDO lifting threads are placed are weaved with smooth PDO threads for a lifted tighter upper neck, turkey neck, and jawline. The results are amazing immediately but get better with time through collagen building

Have creepy skin in the neck?

No problems. Smooth threads can be placed in a series to improve and tighten the skin in the neck. You can also do this in combination with laser skin resurfacing or skin tightening services such as RF microneedling. The options are unlimited.
PDO Neck Before & After

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