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Non surgical facelift with PDO threads! The hottest 2021 treatment in Cosmetic services. A Thread Lift is a revolutionary FDA-approved injectable treatment that can lift, tighten, and define facial contours. It is one of the most effective ways to lift any loose skin without surgery.

With little to no downtime involved in this in-office procedure, patients can instantly experience the effects of a facelift without the surgery. Absorbable threads can also be used on the body to lift and tighten sagging skin and restructure areas of concern.

PDO Threads are very small strands that are made of an absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) material that tightens and lifts the skin and the skin’s soft tissues. PDO threads are medical grade and made of protein. The threads, which are either smooth, twisted, or barbed depending on the areas being treated. They are inserted into the surface subcutaneous layer of the skin through a cannula (and blunt hollow needle). When the needle is drawn back out of the skin, the thread stays behind. Over a time period of about four to six months, the suture material breaks down and is fully absorbed by the body. The visible, more youthful results can last from one to two years, with no scarring involved as would be with a traditional, surgical facelift.

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The threads that are injected stimulate the production of collagen by producing inflammation in the skin. As the sutures degrade over the months ahead, the collagen that was produced stays behind and retains the renewed facial structure.. The smoother type of threads are used for fine line and wrinkle smoothing. Thicker threads with a twist can more clearly define the lip border, filling in deep wrinkles and smoothing smile lines. The threads that have a barbed appearance can lift the skin for a rejuvenated appearance that looks natural. Our highly trained staff at RevitalyzeMD can use these techniques in combination with one another or singularly, depending upon the results you wish to accomplish. PDO threads can be combined with dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables to achieve optimal cosmetic results.

PDO threads can be combined with dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables to achieve optimal cosmetic results.

PDO Threads FAQs

Ideal PDO Thread candidates are generally healthy and have reasonable expectations for the outcome of their procedure. Those with sagging facial skin, or those who would like to delay or reverse the signs of aging in the brow, cheeks, jowls, and neck areas are all good candidates.
There is no downtime required, though some bruising may occur. Bruising is possible with any procedure but is unusual. Patients can expect to see immediate results in their face, though full results take a few weeks or months to to appear.
There are no incisions or cutting for this procedure, only injections. A topical anesthetic cream is applied to the skin of the injection site to numb and minimize any discomfort for the patient.
The PDO thread lift is a quick procedure. The length of treatment time depends on the area. Anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. The assessment and preparation are the longest part. Expect to be in with the provider for an hour.
This treatment is completely safe. It is approved by the FDA for safety and efficiency. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of treatments have been performed and there are no reports of allergic reactions, sensitivities to the threads, or serious side effects or risks.
There are not a lot of special after-care requirements to this treatment. However, you should hold off on any dental treatments for the first two weeks after your PDO thread lift. Holding your mouth open for an excessive period of time can affect the results of your treatment. Moreover, you’ll want to sleep on your back for the first couple of weeks. This ensures you don’t put too much pressure on one side of your face.
PDO threads are very different from PLLA and PCL threads. The three primary differences among these threads are the tensile strength, stiffness and durability. PDO, or polydioxanone threads, dissolve after only six to nine months. Contrastingly, PLLA, or Poly L.Lactic Acid threads, dissolve after 12 to 18 months. PCL, or polycaprolactone threads, are the most durable of the three. They take two to three years to dissolve fully.
It is not necessarily better to be treated with PLLA or PCL threads. They aren’t just more durable: they are also much stiffer than PDO threads. This means that extreme inflammation, discomfort and other side effects can occur. Moreover, the FDA has not approved these threads for skin lifting or tightening. There is a lot of experience with PDO threads.

Both PDO thread lifts and Silhouette Soft thread lifts lift the skin. However, the distinctions between the two thread treatments are important. PDO thread lifts are far more effective due to the nature of the treatment. Silhouette Soft thread lifts produce a volumizing effect by compressing the skin tissue.

Moreover, PDO thread lifts are made of polydioxanone and use barbs to lift the skin. Contrastingly, Silhouette Soft threads are made up of PLLA threads and use cones to lift sagging skin.

Finally, because PDO threads are gentler on the skin, more threads are used during treatment than a Silhouette Soft thread lift. Thus, the skin is lifted higher and more comfortably.

The final results of your PDO thread lift will be seen within one to two months of your treatment. How long it takes you personally depends a lot on your age. Your age is one of the leading factors in how quickly your body produces new, healthy collagen. Collagen is the protein responsible for plumping up your cheeks, filling in fine lines and smoothing out wrinkles.

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