Exosomes for Hair Restoration IN KNOXVILLE, TN​

FDA-Cleared therapy may be a significant breakthrough in treating hair loss

RevitalyzeMD is pleased to be offering Exosome therapy for hair loss. We believe this new therapy may be a significant breakthrough in treating hair loss. Early results appear to be even better than PRP. Mesenchymal derived exosomes are one of the many exciting new developments in regenerative medicine. In hair restoration, we have historically injected PRP and stem cells to stimulate hair growth. PRP or PRF can be used now in Hair loss treatments. PRF has become the cornerstone of hair restoration treatments at RevitalyzeMD (RMD). PRP/PRF results depend on the concentration of growth factors in the patient’s blood. PRP/PRF hair loss treatments are more reliable in the younger healthier patient with more mild hair loss. If you have more severe hair thinning/loss or a receding hairline, then an Exosomes treatment may get better results.

What Are Exosomes?

While Exosomes can be harvested from most human Stem Cells, the most potent are harvested from MSC (Mesenchymal Stem Cells). Exosomes are micro-vesicles, about 1/1000th the size of a normal cell. Exosomes contain no DNA or nucleus. They are signaling agents used in cell-to-cell communication and signaling.

Exosomes are known to activate several signaling pathways that are important in tissue regeneration, wound healing and fracture repair. This effect is called paracrine signaling.

The exosome products we use in our treatments come from FDA cleared biologics companies. Exosome use for therapeutic reasons is a new therapy in Regenerative Medicine. While the early studies are promising, more are underway to show definite benefit.

Facts About Exosomes:

  • Small nanoparticles
    • Not the entire cell
    • No DNA
  • Stem cell derived from MSC
    • Purified in the lab
    • From FDA cleared biologics companies.
    • To date, no adverse events
  • Signal cell to cell communication
  • Activate signaling pathways to
    • Regenerate tissue
    • Wound Heal
  • Extracted from the MSC
    • 200+ GF
    • Stimulate cellular regeneration
    • Stimulate hair restoration
Exosomes Before & After

Exosome products can be used for:

Where Do They Come From & Any Adverse Events?

At RevitalyzeMD, we utilize Organicell™ FactorX Exosome product for Hair regeneration treatments. This is a proprietary product derived from perinatal sources that deliver an array of regenerative components, which may prompt new hair growth. These regenerative components include the following:
  • Exosomes
  • Growth Factors
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Micro RNA
  • And More!
Organicell™ FactorX is a highly effective, research-based, hair restoration formula derived from pre-screened, willing perinatal participants in stringent accordance with FDA guidelines. FactorX contains a vast array of powerful biological exosomes and growth factors with effective regenerative components that have been sterile filtered for maximum safety. Organicell is an FDA cleared biologics company

What Can I Expect With Exosome Treatment?

It is an injectable scalp treatment to stimulate hair growth. We will use topical numbing agents, nerve block and Cooling device to minimize pain with this treatment. After the treatment, your scalp may feel numb for several hours. We recommend avoiding heavy exercise for 24 hours following treatment. You may resume normal shampooing and use of styling products the next day.
  • An injectable scalp treatment
  • Minimal discomfort
    • Topical numbing
    • Nerve block for comfort
    • Cooling device as a added measure
    • Pronox Laughing gas is available
  • Scalp May feel numb for hours
  • Followed by microneedling of the scalp
  • In office procedure
  • No downtime
  • Takes approximately an hour to perform
  • Often combined with PRF injectable treatments
  • May resume hair styling and products the next day
  • Avoid heavy exercise for 24hrs after treatment

What is the difference between PRP/PRF, Stem Cell & Exosomes?

  • PRP / PRF 
    • Is self-derived
    • Is dependent on:
      • Genetics 
      • Healthy platelets and GF
      • Meds pt is taking
  • Stem Cell 
    • A biologic product
    • Derived from MSC from live births
      • From FDA cleared companies
    • Is a cellular product
  • Exosomes
    • A biologic product
    • Derived from MSC from live births
      • From FDA cleared companies
    • More focused concentration of GF than stem cells
    • Not a whole cell
      • Extracted protein Growth factors from the cell
    • There are contraindications that will be evaluated by one of our RMD providers

How Many Treatments will I need?

We often combine our Exosome treatments with PRF treatments for best results. We usually recommend adding Exosomes to PRF treatments for stonger hair loss genetics, more severe hair thinning or loss and for receding hairlines that need treatment. We can perform the treatment as a stand alone treatment. The initial results become apparent in 3-6 months. Results may vary from patient to patient, as will the duration of benefit. Since the early experience with exosomes is showing results superior to PRP / PRF and stem cells, we can hope that the duration of benefit may be as long or longer.
  • Exosomes is a newer treatment.
    • Further studies needed
  • 1-2 treatments at present.
    • RMD provider will fully evaluate and discuss options 

Any Contraindications?

Patients with serious medical conditions (e.g. cancer, immune disorders, infections) should check with their personal doctor before proceeding with Exosome treatments for hair loss. 

  • Serious medical condition
  • You will be evaluated by one of our provider
  • Let your primary doctor know you are considering a Exosome Hair restoration treatment.
Exosomes Before & After
Before & After Exosome Hair Restoration Therapy

Any Guarantees?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee exactly how each patient will respond to Exosome therapy for hair loss. Variations with patient responses is expected. While good results are expected and hoped for, we cannot offer any guarantees as the actual result of your treatment. Newer treatment option.

  • No guarantees
  • During a no obligation consultation, a RMD provider will discuss if you are a candidate for Exosome treatment


Am I A Candidate For Exosomes Hair Regeneration Treatment?

Organicell™ FactorX exosome hair regeneration treatments have shown good results for our RevitalyzeMD patients — both men and women. How do you know if this regenerative medicine Exosome hair loss treatment is right for you? You may be a candidate for Exosome therapy if:

  • You have thinning hair.
  • You have hair loss.
  • You are experiencing progressive hair loss.
  • You are too young for hair transplant surgery.
  • You are within the earlier stages of the hair loss cycle.
  • You want to take a natural, nonsurgical approach to hair restoration.
  • You have tried other hair regrowth treatments with little or no success.

RevitalyzeMD is an innovative and comprehensive Regenerative Medicine practice. Our protocols change as we learn new science and product development. Combining different modalities to treat hair loss may be the best approach. A comprehensive treatment plan that addresses overall health of the hair follicle is so important when it comes to hair restoration. We have comprehensive hair restoration packages at RMD because we want to get you results. We often combine Exosome Hair restoration service with other treatments such as PRF and/or with our latest Keralase™ laser treatments.

Schedule your appointment today with one of our RMD providers to learn more and see how our hair restoration protocols might help your desire to have thicker and healthier hair. Regain your confidence as you enter the world each day!

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