Turn back the clock with the magic of Midface & Cheek Fillers!

As we age, we lose volume and structural support in our face. This becomes noticeable in the midface that includes cheeks, cheekbone contour, nasolabial face, and jowling.

We lose bony support as we age.

As we age, Fat pads also decrease in the upper face and become more prominent in the lower face.  

This contributes to the changes we notice when we look in the mirror.

A youthful midface is characterized by an upside-down triangle which features high cheekbones, full cheeks and a firm jawline. When this triangle becomes inverted with age- nasolabial folds form, the cheeks appear sunken and jowls become apparent. Dermal fillers can go a long way to restoring the triangle of youth, helping to restore fullness to the cheeks and lift to the midface.

Dermal fillers have revolutionized how we can rejuvenate the midface, offering a minimally invasive treatment that can restore youthful volume in a subtle and natural way.

If you

Then dermal fillers and volume replacement is for you!

Procedure Highlights

Midface Filler treatments can turn back the clock. Most of the dermal fillers used are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers.

Some common dermal fillers used in our treatments at RevitalyzeMD

Each dermal filler product has distinct qualities that make that filler product unique. Tell us what areas you want to have improved. The RevitalyzeMD team will do the rest. The providers at RMD are highly educated and trained in the use of dermal fillers and they will choose the right product to get your fabulous results. 

Different characteristics of each Dermal Fillers make a product more suited for certain treatment areas. You want more fluidity and tissue integration in mobile areas.

You want more firmness in structure in areas needing support such as the cheekbone.

By expressing your concerns, the highly trained and skilled providers at RevitalyzeMD will guide you with a focus on getting the results you want. The importance of finding an office and an injector you trust cannot be stressed enough.

The injectors at RevitalyzeMD go through extensive training and know the anatomy for safe dermal filler injections. Our team of injectors also have an eye for art and beauty. This means you can always be confident in your results at RevitalyzeMD.

Love looking in the mirror every day

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