Body Contouring

Cellulite, dimples, and loose skin are a part of life – but they don’t have to be. Sometimes, it is even just the body composition changes that happen with perimenopause, menopause or andropause that changes our body composition. As we age, we find our body looks different. We are doing all the same stuff- eating the same or less. Working out the same Yet we are gaining fat or noticing more Cellulite. If you have unwanted areas of excess fat, pockets of fat, cellulite, or just wish to have tighter skin—body contouring can help you achieve your desired look. At our practice in Knoxville, we have many different options for body contouring or reshaping your body. You have done all the work. Working out. Weight training. FIT. But the muffin top or double chin remains. Body shaping treatments can help you get the sexy results you want.